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19 August 2010

Learn The Truth... ~Tarakta fiikum amraiini~

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Well my friend...We are all dummies.. Especially when we talk about Quran.

Have you ever realized, nowadays...people ONLY read Quran:

>>>Without understand the meaning
>>>only love to hear the soothing sound of Quran recitation especially with tarannum
>>>Only used against djinn and syaithan (exorcism, I mean)
>>>Only read if we are afraid of something or have problems

Well my friends, YES. That is Quran. But not all of it... [and some I listed are not applicable at all.. trust me..]

And if we observe more deeply, how low we had put the glorious book of God...

Let we refer what Allah had said in the second surah which is surah Al-Baqarah from verse 1-4

[1-4] Alif. Lam. Mim. This is the Book of Allah: there is no doubt about it. It is guidance to Godfearing people, who believe in the unseen, establish the Salats and expend (in Our way) out of what We have bestowed on them; who believe in the Book We have sent down to you (i.e. the Qur'an) and in the Books sent down before you, and firmly believe in the Hereafter.

From here, it is easily understand that Quran is a book and there is no doubt whatsoever with its contents and the main role that Quran played is to be guidance.

But then, the guidance is for whom?

It is for the
muttaqeen, the people who pose taqwa. Then what is taqwa? What differs taqwa, iman and Islam?

And it is for people who believe.
For the believers.

And for the people
who perform Salat..

Isn't it clear my friend? Only the people who pose the quality understand what Quran is.

If we give a Mein Kampf to a simple person, he may understand it only as an idea by Adolf Hitler. But if a National Socialist read it, he may understand it differently. Same goes to a geology book which you give to a medical student to read. He may understand it on his own expenses. Not more than that. But if you give the geology text book to a geology student, he may see his lecturers faces and all the marks of exams on the textbook.[bear with me. I am a geology student]

But what we talk about is the glorious Quran. The one that Allah said as a guidance. And literally, it is a guidance. And why Allah said that it is for the muttaqeen. For the mu'minin..

What quality does a muttaqeen poses until he was made special by Allah to use Quran as a guidance?

Why we are not thinking about it my friend?

For me, when we talk about Quran, we could expect the Quran as a spectacle and we are looking everything in our whole daily life through it. Let it be we look it as a political leader or even only just a simple man; we look it through Al Quran. Does Al Quran permit us to do this and that?

Why it is very important?

If we see it again, if we see everything through Al Quran, we had put Al Quran as our benchmark, our Quality Index.

We do not use society ideals as a benchmark. Let us go back to the history. During medieval times, all European women must wear modest clothes and they even need to cover their hair. And woman who wear luscious outfit, will apparently thought to be a bad woman. But now, it is all become so different. It seems to be turn around. Why?

This is because the ideals are being made by human, by the societies. When the societies are changes, the ideals change. If the society changes to good, we could say Alhamdulillah. But what happen when the society turn to be bad Like in this new era?

That is why; the ideals must be based not by human. But by something greater than human Existence: God.

That is why if we put Quran as a guidance, we also make Quran as a benchmark.

A benchmark in our daily life. In leadership. In economy. In military. And even in families.

Doesn't it cover all scopes? Every part of your life, have Quran in it. Every part of your life have Islam in it.

My friend, Islam is not only a religion. It is how we lived our life according to Allah and Rasul. It is how we show Him that today we do everything for Him to get his redha.

Let me take you at the very least how this things work.As I said, Quran is a guidance. The same as when we said about Standard Operational Procedure. We must follow the guide. It is as simple as that. If we do not follow the guide, we break the rules and we may face problems or even accident.

Doesn't we already faced many ‘accidents' nowadays. The corruptions, the illegitimate childrens problem, killing and all and everything that corrupts our society. That is all the accidents I am talking about. But the Quran gives the main idea how all those things must worked according to Allah. The later and finer description are provided by His messenger, Rasulullah S.A.W.

For example, if we read in Surah As-Saff, Allah asked us to work in a formation. Like bricks. In several places in Quran Allah also said that we must obey our leaders. That is the main concept. The concept of unity and leadership. But the finer explanation is provided by Rasulullah. For example, he showed us how he chooses people to lead in military campaign or even to be a governor. The 313 warriors of Badar can be counted as today's MP who lead the Parliament as they are the one who held meeting to discuss the siyasi (politics) during those times. And from that, Umar, Abu Bakar, Ali and several others prominent sahabahs are the one that we can counted as the high ranking ministers as they are the one who have more prominent voice. Those teach us about politics a lot doesn't it.

Next, we see about the relationship of man and woman. In suraah An Nur, Allah had stated a lot about relationship of man and woman. In suraah Ar Ruum Allah stated that every thing has pairs and man is paired with woman. And that is the main concept. But the finer explanation is how marriage taken place that had been shown by Rasulullah. How he said that at least a guy must give mahr at least with an iron ring.

That is only small parts of Quran. Afterall, this is only a simple introduction of Quran Guide for Dummies.

Now, what we need to do is not only respect Quran by placed it on high places such as the top of cupboard until we forgot its existence.

But what we must do is, open the Holy Book.


Then we will become the Quranic generation that everyone talked about.

p/s : sedang berusaha berazam 1 juzu' sehari... moga 30 ramadhan berjaya dikhatami


jangan lupa untuk tinggalkan jejak!!!

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